About Blue Sky BioServices

Blue Sky BioServices

Blue Sky BioServices is a division of Blue Sky Biotech. Blue Sky BioServices is the leading contract research organization (CRO) providing Gene Through Screen services in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D market. Our clients enhance the quality and speed of their research by utilizing Blue Sky’s premium services such as vector gene synthesis, plasmid production, E. coli, Insect and Mammalian Scale-Up, antibody cloning and production, protein purification, radiometric assays, and assay execution (screening).

Blue Sky is not your average CRO and invests heavily in experienced people, leading edge technology, and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. This investment in service platforms and scientists sets Blue Sky apart from other CROs and transforms the company into a center of excellence with unmatched quality and turnaround times.

Our suite of services is our client’s Pathway to Productivity. We are motivated by our ability to impact the overall efficiency of the drug discovery process and thus contributing to a longer, healthier lifespan for human beings.

Five C's of Service Success™ (Blue Sky's guiding principles):

  1. Customer is the boss.
  2. Continual Improvement.
  3. Constant Innovation
  4. Communication is key to all relationships.
  5. Capacity Utilization.